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Recovering your money without offending your customers and clients

At The Debt Collection Centre (#tdcc) we know the time and effort it takes to cultivate and build relationships with customers and clients. No matter how good the service and/or goods are that you supply a longstanding relationship can be lost in a matter of minutes if for example a request for payment is seen to be overly aggressive, made in the wrong tone or is commercially unrealistic given existing circumstances that both parties are aware of.

At #tdcc we recognise that a one size fits all approach to debt recovery can sometimes risk losing those long standing relationships. We therefore take the time to understand the dynamics of the relationship that you have with your customers. How long you have traded with them, what volumes of trading there has been, how important the revenue from that customer is to your business are all key factors that we need to understand so that we can tailor a debt recovery process specifically for your business needs.

Our client base ranges from small SME’s to global PLC’s. Our ability to understand your business and your business relationships is key to our success and the successful recovery process that we can provide for you.

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