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Are you in control of your debts?

All too often customers do not make payment on time meaning you have to spend valuable time chasing. We can do that for you.

The quantity of overdue invoices continues to have a negative effect on UK businesses and the economy as a whole. According to Natwest last year one in five businesses was owed between £50,000.00 and £100,000.00 meaning the man hours involved in pursuing those monies is astronomical. We at The Debt Collection Centre (#tdcc) understand the vital importance of a swift cost effective process in recovering your money without delay!

Having seen a significant increase in instructions we generally look to take those simply on a no recovery no fee commission basis ie. if we do not recover your money, you pay us nothing!

We have a reputation for being both extremely commercial and pro-active and pride ourselves on providing a full one-stop service for your debt collection needs and presently have a success rate of 93% upon merely the dispatch of a letter before action. We at #tdcc cut out any time delays and speed up the process of recovering your monies, from the tracing of debtors, through both County and High Court proceedings and indeed insolvency proceedings by way of a bankruptcy or winding-up petition. Being members of both The Chartered Institute of Credit Management and R3, the Association of Business Recovery Professionals we can also provide access to the assistance of Insolvency Practitioners. We have had recent great success this year in not only appointing our choice of Liquidator/Trustee in matters of insolvency but also in recovering six figure sums on what have been believed to be non-collectible debts. As a result of which the insolvency of your customer does not necessarily mean having to write-off that debt!

Whilst based in the City of London we provide both a national and international service in respect of secured and unsecured debts!

Call us, what have you got to lose??

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