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Some industry areas are seeing a resurgence in growth in the last quarter with retail sales showing a +1.9% in January 2022 and sales volume are up from pre-covid times.

All of the above is great news for the economy (and hopefully for your business), however it can distract you from keeping an eye on any unpaid invoices and monies due to you. Do not delay from requesting payment from your customers or suppliers to pay what is outstanding. 

We have seen some debtor companies/ individuals use excuses for non-payment due to supply delays and covid in general. This should not prevent you from collecting the outstanding invoice. You could negotiate a payment agreement with them even if for a temporary period of three months or so.

How we can assist you:

  • We can free your time allowing you to concentrate on running your business;
  • We are not a Debt Collection Agency but vastly experienced lawyers ranked as recommended specialists within tier one of the Legal 500 for Debt Recovery.

Please feel free to contact us by email or phone to speak to us about our fees and how we can assist you further in improving your cash flow.

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