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Unpaid Debts – how to achieve payment – Top Tips

Rent Arrears

  • if your tenant owes rent to you – start by contacting the tenant to see if there is any reason for their non-payment other than that they can’t pay;
  • If the arrears are older than six months then consider issuing a county court claim against them for payment of the rent;
  • There are delays and restrictions on evicting tenants (unless your debt is exempt for any reason) but you can you still issue a county court claim and if there is no defence receive a judgment against the tenant for the arrears.
  • We can provide various enforcement methods depending on what assets are available and what costs you are prepared to pay;
  • If you do not have the time or the energy to deal with a claim against your tenant than contact us for a no obligation quote to contact the tenant and issue a county court claim against them.

Unpaid Invoices/loans or other debts

  • If the company or individual ignores your letters or phone calls – then contact us to write to them;
  • We can look into debts that are disputed and provide our experienced advice in relation to the merits of the claims; 
  • Having a City Law firm stating  that a court claim may be brought against them for non- payment may make them respond or provide an offer of payment;
  • We can help you recover any debts that have been unpaid to allow your accounts and credit control teams to concentrate on the running of your business.  

Please contact us to see if we can assist and for a quote of our fees

The Debt Collection Centre is a specialist debt recovery service offered by city law firm Devonshires offering a one-stop-shop for businesses suffering from late payments. Ranked as one of the best in London listed in the Legal 500 directory as recommended specialists in this area. We provide a commercially orientated efficient and effective service enabling our clients to focus on the running of their own business rather than spending excessive time and money pursuing outstanding debts.

The Debt Collection Centre


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