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Rising County Court Judgments and Creditor Action

We have seen more and more Creditors in recent months using the County Court system to register their debts against a Debtor. If the Debtor does not pay the Judgment Debt within a month then the debt becomes registered against the Debtor as a ‘bad debt’ and will become searchable on their Credit Rating.

Begbies Traynor have released their “Red Flag Alert which shows that in the last three months to the end of September 2021, Judgments increased to 21,764, a rise of 51 per cent on the previous quarter and with over 1,668 companies facing judgments of over £5,000.

Judgments can also include monies awarded through possession proceedings or monies not paid after an Employment Settlement or by a Court Order. 

Are you a Creditor with an unpaid Judgment? Are you fed up chasing the debtor for payment?

  • Please do contact us so that we can see if we can assist you further;
  • Do you need help tracing the debtor – we can help you with our contacts in the tracing services that charge no trace no fee if unsuccessful and approx. £30 plus vat for a successful trace;
  • We generally charge on a percentage fee if successful but every debt is different;
  • We are an experienced solicitors firm with knowledge of this area; and,
  • We are a Tier One firm in Debt Recovery as awarded by the Legal 500.

Then call or email us to see if we can assist you further.

When you send us an email please provide the following information/ documents to us so that we can help you without any further delay:

  • a brief background to the debt;
  • any relevant correspondence; and,
  • with a copy of the unpaid Judgment/ order

We look forward to hearing from you shortly! 

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