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Non-payment of recruitment/ employment agencies fees

We at the Debt Collection Centre are experts in recovering unpaid invoices for recruiters and/ or employment agencies including recovery of disputed invoices. We are instructed by an international recruiter so we have industry knowledge of the recruitment business unlike the majority of Debt Collection Agencies and solicitors. We also understand a recruiter’s need to balance recovering the unpaid invoice with preserving the present relationship with the client.

We are specialists in recovering unpaid debts through taking legal action and enforcement action in the UK, Europe, UAE, South Africa and the US to name but a few.

Avoiding Disputes

Please see our handy tips on avoiding disputes with your client.  

  1. Make sure your terms of business and payment processes are streamlined;
  2. Check that your terms allows you to recover interest on any unpaid invoices. Please contact us if you would like us to assist you with reviewing your terms of business.
  3. Maintain your compliance records of clients – subscribe to Companies House for updates to registered companies or to Credit Agencies such as Credit Safe, Experian or D&B. 
  4. Deal with all disputes quickly by giving sound business reasons for establishing why you do not agree with the client’s view if a matter is disputed.
  5. Is there part of the debt that the client agrees is payable? If yes then try to negotiate with them to pay the accepted part of the debt.  
  6. Check contact details to make sure that invoices and letters are sent to the correct address. Some businesses may have a Head Office that processes payments rather than a site address or it could be an old address.
  7. If the invoice remains unpaid and you cannot find a way forward then work with a debt collection agency specialising in the recruitment sector. The Debt Collection Centre is flexible when agreeing fees with you. Please contact us for further information. All work is carried out by fully legally trained staff who are happy to assist with any queries that you may have. 

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